It takes a lot of talented people to make Starmark shine. Led by Founder and CEO Peggy Nordeen, President Jacqui Hartnett and Chief Digital Officer Brett Circe, we come from everywhere to call Starmark home. Katy Gewartowski heads up account service, Matt Wood leads our Innovation Lab, and Dale Baron spearheads our award-winning creative efforts. Andrew Russo helps us put the latest in data science to work for our clients. Karen Deryk manages all internal and outside production as our Production Director, and Mickey Espada is our Senior Consultant, Latin America and Caribbean Markets. We're even better in person than we are online, so get in touch.

Andrew W. Russo

VP, Data Science

For over 25 years, Andrew had delivered improved sales and marketing by creating and executing strategies based upon data, analytics and technology. His background includes executive management and C-level consulting that provides unique perspectives developed both as a marketing executive and consultant to Fortune 500 executives.

Andrew was a pioneer in the early use of statistics and data mining techniques to drive sales and marketing performance, an approach which evolved into the field of CRM and data science. His experience spans many industries including financial services, utilities and energy, travel and hospitality, telecommunications, technology and non-profits.