Combine creative and innovative technologies for out-of-home advertising

Combine creative and innovative technologies for out-of-home advertising


Combine creative and innovative technologies, and out-of-home (OOH) becomes highly engaging as advertisers find more meaningful, ubiquitous ways to be relevant in this out-of-home renaissance. Brands are creating experiences and evoking feelings through interactions with digital advertising; not only to engage their audiences, but to integrate data and technology into their targets’ day-to-day. With the rise of our connectivity, we see increased interaction between the physical outdoor assets and our mobile devices; and now we’re able to trace intelligent data to physical locations with real profiles as opposed to the billboard locations only.

OOH is poised to thrive in an ever-growing era of data, analytics, and micro-moments.

Through video interactions – sometimes called Ad Beacons – marketers now have the tools to tap into more data not only to monitor how many people walk by a given location and how often, but identify facial expressions, gender, age and the composition of a passing crowd. This is especially engaging when you consider the fact that these cameras can recognize and react to a family in real time motivating the group to stop and engage.

Before you know it, Digital OOH will be purchased in real time, like its online cousins; and programmatic will swoop in and transform the OOH renaissance into a full-blown period of enlightenment. But for now, it remains in its infancy as the industry tries to catch up with target data integration with available offerings, not to mention the standards. So, if you’re thinking of excluding OOH in your future marketing plans, reconsider what you already know!