Prepare to make your website ADA compliant

Prepare to make your website ADA compliant


ADA (American Disabilities Act) compliance has been a requirement for government & public entity websites for nearly 20 years. However, as the general public’s online lives are merging with daily physical needs for acquiring products and services, lawsuits citing ADA accessibility on consumer websites have recently cropped up in several states, including Florida.

The good news is that because regulations for government sites were established years ago, there is a host of software tools you can use to evaluate your site’s compliance online. These tools check against established guidelines around color, contrast, size of font, sequence of information, html and text requirements as well as other structural criteria. Level A compliance generally impacts the web design the least noticeably. Level AAA for most organizations could compromise a website design radically. If your website is well-maintained, the cost of compliance should be reasonable. The goal is to ensure that all users, regardless of disabilities or limitations, can enjoy your website content.