HMS National Overhaul an ecommerce website with user-friendly purchase flow and new creative.

For more than 30 years, HMS National Home Warranty has excelled as an innovator in the home warranty industry. They have protected millions of homeowners and tens of thousands of real estate professionals throughout the home-selling and purchasing process by making it safer, more enjoyable and efficient. In an effort for the website to keep up with the demands and needs of Real Estate Professionals, a website redesign was in order–time for an extreme makeover–HMS 3.0!

In partnership with the HMS user-interface and user-experience teams, Starmark collaborated on a complete redevelopment plan of the entire website and ecommerce flow.

Using Agile methodology, we roadmapped the project, identified business objectives, established goals and documented success criteria. Our cross-functional team walked through the roadmap along with the HMS project stakeholders. This collaborative team finalized the strategy and production was underway.

HMS wanted an attractive veneer to make it simple for clients to enter and manage their warranties, for customers to extend their warranties all on a mobile first platform. The hosting infrastructure was also upgraded to host the site in multiple zones throughout the U.S. to provide optimal performance.


“From the initial roadmap presentation through development and testing, the Starmark team operated in an an efficient manner to launch a website that is user-friendly for our customers and clients but also for the internal team’s daily interaction. We are thrilled with the end result and to have the Starmark team on board as we drive HMS Home Warranty forward!” said Suzette Alers, Director of Marketing.

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