null Citrix

Starmark developed a new, edgier and smarter personality for this industry leader as part of a campaign to generate leads and migrate current customers to a new access solution. We set out to attract the attention of IT managers, show them that Citrix understands their challenges and offer effective solutions to better serve their customers.

The power of direct response in a digital world

A great offer, messaging and creative execution came together to impact a targeted list. Tactics like oversized postcards, self-mailers and coordinated emails drove IT managers to microsite landing pages, while white papers and high-tech premiums are incentives for responders. As an incentive and engagement vehicle, webinars attracted thousands of attendees.

In the words of Michelle Goebel of Citrix:

“The programs that we worked with Starmark on were highly successful. We had excellent ROIs on every program we did with them.”

Michelle and Starmark created a push/pull campaign to reach C-level executives making procurement decisions as well as IT Managers and Directors making recommendations. By establishing credibility with the C-suite and insightfulness with IT leaders, Citrix enabled more productive buying conversations about their services.

Executions that catch the eyes of busy executives

Creating high ROI in campaigns that target tech leaders requires insight into their lives. By layering dimensional direct mail with email marketing, Citrix ensured delivery to the recipient’s desk – and a warmer reception when email was used to follow up.