ETIP #189

10 Questions you Should ask when Hiring an Agency

10 Questions you Should ask when Hiring an Agency
We’ve asked three CMOs to share their thoughts about this updated list of critical success factors (for them) when they’re in the process of selecting a successful agency partner.
  1. Will the “pitch team” become the account service team? As a brand, you don’t want a secondary team on the account after the pitch.
  2. Is your business culture and agency culture complementary? “Culture match” vs. “culture clash” is essential to a good working relationship. Try to immerse yourselves in the agency culture before making a selection.
  3. Does the agency know your industry and understand your business goals? Armed with that knowledge, they will run successfully.
  4. Does the agency understand how to target your prospects? Do they understand the purchase cycle from consideration to closing the deal?
  5. Will you have direct access to the creative team? It’s not needed for everything, but direct communication can bring better results.
  6. Are there good listeners on the account team? The account team is your “voice” in the agency so they need to understand your goals and objectives in order to articulate back at the agency.
  7. Will you have access to C levels within the agency? Someone you can call to get something done?
  8. Will your agency agree to full-team meetings on important assignments? Doing regular check-ins is also important.
  9. Does the agency have a plan to update you on project status as it moves through the production cycle? You don’t want to be deluged with more emails.
  10. Does the agency have measurement and analytics skills? Analytics are not for reading, they are for discussion, you need to understand to be “part of the discussion.”