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Agile will change the way you think about working with an agency

Agile isn’t what we do. It’s who we are. For years we’ve used this methodology to create better work and better working relationships with our clients.

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Individuals & Interactions OVER PROCESS AND TOOLS
Responding to Change OVER FOLLOWING A PLAN

It’s more than a process

Daily check-ins, team-owned roadmaps and two-week sprints are only part of a bigger picture. They’re just some of the ways Agile Methodology helps us stay aligned, work more efficiently and eliminate costly rework.

It’s an approach that makes big projects go more smoothly — so we don’t shy away from the big, ambitious efforts that intimidate other agencies. Because we’ve found a better way.

It’s OK to be skeptical

Most people are inclined to disbelieve the kinds of claims we make. We were skeptical, too, back when we started our Agile journey in 2015.

The work we produce and our client relationships speak for themselves.

But don’t take our word for it.

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What is Agile marketing and how can it improve your results?

Agile marketing is a proven, science-based methodology used by top companies around the globe to manage projects more successfully. Agile emphasizes transparency, collaboration, flexibility and continuous improvement.

Benefits gained from working the Agile way?

Lower costs. More business flexibility. Smarter collaboration. Fresher thinking. Greater satisfaction.

At Starmark, we don’t “do” Agile. We are Agile!

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