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Less subjective opinion, more proven performance. Our consumer-first approach to branding.

Your brand is your company's most valuable asset. It's so much more than a name and a logo; it's the holistic experience you create for people – whether you're in tourism, higher education or technology. Building simple, clear, cohesive branding demands rigor and objectivity, which is exactly where we excel at Starmark. Our approach starts with straightforward discovery that makes it easy for stakeholders to align on the brand's core experience. Then we test and validate with your customers and prospects – so that every decision we make is based upon proven, real-world performance with the real people who matter most to your company's success.


  • 2.4X ROI

    Predictive Analytics for Successful Acquisitions

  • A rebranding

    got a product design company a manufacturing deal



What Our Clients Say

We feel like there's a mutual caring and respect for our products, so we are grateful that Starmark really cares about our brand and is conscious about doing the things that are important to us.

- Michele Jacobs, Corporate Director of Marketing & Operations, The Forbes Company

From brand recognition to digital marketing to analyzing the data so we know which customers to target, they've done an amazing job and helped us with the transition from FPL Fibernet to Fibernet Direct now to Crown Castle Fiber.

- Lonnie Maier, VP, Enterprise Sales & Marketing, Crown Castle Fiber

They are helping us create language, find new and creative ways to tell our story to the world, and differentiate ourselves from the other 4,000 colleges and universities in this country to really make a difference in our enrollment.

- Brandon Hensler, Executive Director of Public Relations & Marketing Communications, Nova Southeastern University

They've helped crystallize our strategy, our messaging, that really has affected everything we do. It's about lifestyle: it's about why people live in Fort Lauderdale, why people choose to be here in Fort Lauderdale. Starmark understands that, and they help us communicate correctly.

- Andy Mitchell, Chairman & President, Fairwinds Group

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