Keyword-rich press releases, and why they are important

Keyword-rich press releases, and why they are important

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, keywords are like gold. However, it’s not enough to optimize your website content and stop there because even the press releases your company distributes on Internet newswires could benefit from a good SEO makeover.

PR Web, for example, can host your searchable press release on and provide visibility on Yahoo! News and Google. But whether or not your press release comes up on a search depends on whether or not it’s keyword-rich.

In doing this, it’s important to understand which keywords are relevant to your business (a.k.a. driving conversions and traffic) right now and will come up high on a search. Choose five to ten keywords. Then, write your press release with those keywords in mind, so that they occur naturally and seamlessly. Your release should also give a call to action by including hyperlinks that take readers to a landing page, because the goal is to get the reader back to your website. All roads should lead back to you.

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