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2014: The Year Of Prankvertising

2014: The Year Of Prankvertising

“Prankvertising,” as its name suggests, is an advertising approach where a brand pulls a marketing prank on an unsuspecting consumer. This unique, albeit controversial, tactic combines the thrill of shock-and-awe imagery with branded messaging to create truly in-your-face advertising.

These types of stunts aren’t new, but we’re beginning to see more major brands utilizing this approach as they develop a greater understanding about how impactful and engaging its messaging can be. The more clever the prank, the more likely it is to go viral, generate buzz and increase brand awareness.

However, if you’re planning to use this experiential method for your brand, be sure you don’t push the limits too far. While this type of advertising certainly gets your name out there, it also has the potential to tarnish your brand image, depending on how badly you torture your unsuspecting victims.

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