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9 Ways to Create Exclusivity

9 Ways to Create Exclusivity

Most businesses that are online have a unique je ne sais quoi that makes them special. Successful business websites can be broken down into nine succinct components:

Your look & brand essence
Is the look of your website, social media and traditional print materials consistent? Do they express your voice? Are they working in harmony or are they all different, cluttered and confusing your goals and objectives? Remember that your design is the first thing people see even before they’ve read a word.

Your voice, content & its freshness
The copy on your website(s), from your first headline to your footer is an opportunity to tell a unique story that is yours, and yours alone. Even when you’re addressing your mission statement and history, there should be an ongoing thread or “voice” that says you’re like no one else.

Your demographic alignment
Is the look and feel of your marketing speaking to the right person that should ultimately be your customer? Is content too fundamental, too confusing or needlessly unrelated to the decision maker you hope to reach? If so, you must optimize everything collectively to speak to the right person.

Your final product & or service delivery
Needless to say your product/service must be what you claim. This is after all your reputation you’re building.

Your customers’ feedback
In a day-and-age of quick work backed by no customer service, it’s easy to stand out by simply seeking feedback from you client. What you’ll both come to find out is this initial (and furthermore ongoing) communication will be the seed to a long relationship.

Your timely response & authentic communication
Remember that when using interactive and social communication, your customer expects as quick a response to a tweet as they would an email or phone call. Digital communication is becoming so ubiquitous that users just assume that no matter how they connect to you, you will support and service their requests.

Your ongoing activity
Keeping current with all of your exclusive content can sometimes be difficult. If you find yourself in a rut it’s best to look to your staff and network to determine what’s most topical and how it can best help your customer. Then aggressively seek more supporting content online to substantiate your material.

Your perceived dedication to the product & or service
One of the best ways to create exclusivity is to keep people abreast of your product and its offerings. As you progressively evolve, so should your messaging. Simply saying your the best at what you do is not enough, you need to communicate your ideas and developments, and entice feedback from your customer base.

Your ongoing consistency
If your customer base understands message and becomes dependent upon your product and or service, even more so your ability to service them, they will never stray. But you must be consistent. If you evolve, communicate how you’ve changed and be consistent in your mantra.

Within each of these nine components is an opportunity for you to create exclusivity! All businesses have competitors, and what separates you from them is your ability to tap into your clients’ mindset and understand ‘what they want’ instead of ‘what YOU think they want.’ We all have experience in our respective disciplines, but it’s important to remember that your client is part of an ever-changing business landscape. To that end, businesses must evolve. Those that do will create exclusivity.