ETIP #112

Balancing PR, Blogs, and Industry News

Balancing PR, Blogs, and Industry News

Is your brand getting the attention it deserves? Do you have the right balance across the various distribution channels? You’ll find a superior marketing plan involves a strategic integration of blogging, PR and industry news exposure.

Blogs are an ideal way to connect with consumers and express a human personality behind a company. It’s a perfect channel to showcase and SELL your ideas in your own words. Blogging gives you the edge on the competition by demonstrating ability to keep on top of industry trends. Blog posts can establish credibility, build your reputation, and improve your SEO. But perhaps the most powerful aspect of blogs is that posts can be archived and shared at anytime, making them widespread and likely to reach new targets. For more tips and ideas on honing your blogging skills, be sure to check out BlogCon in Orlando, September 15th. Also see Starmark’s Best Practices in Business Blogging Cheat Sheet.

Industry News
The unique benefit of getting brand exposure within industry news is that you know your reader is interested and therefore half the battle is already over. If someone is subscribing to industry news, they’re likely the most influential customers and will help you spread the word. Their status within the industry and personal recommendations validate their trust in your brand and solidify your reputation.

Public Relations
While blogs and industry news help build brand reputation, public relations is what protects it and drives results. It’s a marketing must-have to increase awareness, reinforce strategies, produce sales, and generate interest through special events, social media, and media relations. These strategies highlight your product or service and incite consumers and more importantly, the media to spread the word. There’s more on this in our eTip “What’s all the buzz about PR anyway?

So if your company or business needs an extra push, try expanding on one or all of these channels. Starmark can help you find the right balance, which can make all the difference in the attention your brand receives!