ETIP #107

Are Your Blog Posts SEO Friendly?

Are Your Blog Posts SEO Friendly?

You may have brilliant writing abilities, but to rank high in search engines your blog posts will require a few more technical SEO skills, especially if you’ve recently experienced a plummet in your blog search engine rankings due to Google’s latest algorithm update “Penguin.”

Google’s “Penguin update” strives to cut down on spam in its search engine results, by rewarding quality content and penalizing dubious Blackhat SEO linking tactics. So how do you get back on track and regain your search engine rankings?

It’s that old cliche…“Content is King,” but not just any content, quality keyword rich content. Search engine and user-friendly content boosts your site traffic and engages users. When writing blog posts, you should always be thinking about what keyword phrases people may type into search engines to find the kind of content you are writing about, and include those keyword phrases in your post. Long tail keyword phrases are preferable, as outlined in a previous Starmark eTip: Long Tail Keywords: A Smart SEO Strategy, and should also be included in your post title, headings (H tags) and subheadings. When adding images to your blog posts, you should be using those same primary keyword phrases as the image file names and in the alt text.

A caveat: SEO is an ever-evolving field that changes every time search engines update their algorithms, which is several times a year! At Starmark we have a dedicated SEO team and offer SEO services specifically tailored to your brand and business needs.