ETIP #34

Breadcrumbs keep your consumers on the right path

Breadcrumbs keep your consumers on the right path

The deeper you go into a website, the trickier it can be to find your way back. For example, Jill Consumer has been shopping for an automobile on your website for 30 minutes, but now she’d like to go back to a vehicle she saw 20 pages ago. She doesn’t necessarily want to hit the back button 20 times or open up her History and figure out which page it was. That’s where breadcrumb navigation, or selection list navigation, comes in.

It takes up very little real estate on the page and looks something like this:

Pre-owned Automobiles > Manual > Coupe > Infiniti > 2007 > Silver

As you can see, breadcrumbs provide a trail for consumers to retrace their steps. They also provide shortcuts to jump to more general web pages.

Although they didn’t quite work for Hansel and Gretel, there are no hungry birds waiting to eat your website’s breadcrumbs. And with just a small investment of time and space, you can ensure visits to your site have a happy ending.