ETIP #90

‘Buffer’ Your Tweets

‘Buffer’ Your Tweets

We are strong believers in automation whenever possible. For Twitter, you can schedule announcement and event based tweets in coordination with your other marketing efforts. You also need to engage with users by personally replying to mentions and giving thanks. However, between these two ends of the spectrum lies much content that you also tweet.

You can’t spend all day reading online content and tweeting the best nuggets to your followers. Nor can you spend all day reading all the tweets that you follow to RT them. So most people spend some time each day trying to “get it done all at once.” Some people do this multiple times each day (you know who you are). And while you can “schedule” these tweets one at a time, this actually seems to take more time to do, and that goes against our philosophy of saving time through automation.

Introducing Buffer. Buffer lets you continue to spend time once or twice daily “tweet storming” but instead of posting your tweets all at once or scheduling them yourself, you add the tweets to your “buffer.” Buffer will queue up those tweets and send them out at a more engaging pace automatically for you.

In a medium where authentic engagement is so important, Buffer allows you to maintain that personal touch and schedules your tweets at a more natural pace.