Create a blog, it’s not for everyone, but it may be perfect for you

Create a blog, it’s not for everyone, but it may be perfect for you

Search engines love blogs. From a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) perspective, the structure of a blog – constantly changing content, lots of linking between pages, content that”s categorized and grouped – is very well suited for SEO. And from a corporate social media standpoint, corporate blogs give your company a platform to talk about company news, but also display another face to your audience.

While not all corporate blogs are created equal, GoDaddy, for example, is among the companies that get it right. CEO Bob Parsons regularly posts a video blog. Recent content includes how to pick a domain name, new GoDaddy television commercials and Bob”s vacation in Zambia. The content cleverly balances informative download online casino with entertaining.

Common corporate blog errors, on the other hand, include speaking only to the interests of shareholders or being entirely self-serving. Your blog will work better when you don”t make it work too hard.

Here are a few other caveats: A blog is not suitable for every organization; like every other marketing program, make sure you understand both your audience and your goals for the blog, and then ensure it satisfies both. Don”t do a blog if you can”t update it at least weekly. And the content must be authentic. Just look around online and see how Dell, Adobe and other companies work a blog right.

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