ETIP #253

Dive into Data with Dashboards

Dive into Data with Dashboards

The sheer volume of market and consumer data available to businesses today can be overwhelming, but understanding it is critical to making smart business decisions.

On a given project or campaign, you and your team may be swimming in web analytics data, social media traffic reports, digital advertising results, call tracking, media reports and extracts from consumer data warehouses.

Don’t despair! Dashboards and other business intelligence (BI) tools allow you to automate the collection of all these data points, to pull out the key metrics and create visual, actionable insights for more effective business decisions.

Increasingly, sophisticated BI applications are becoming available to businesses large and small. Google Analytics’ new Home page is a perfect example – now featuring an automated, up-to-the-minute dashboard visualizing the key metrics that make a difference for your business.

But it doesn’t stop at web analytics. Products such as Data Studio from Google, Tableau and Datorama enable the meshing and visualization of information from practically any data source – and all within reach of a small business budget.