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Don’t Be the Next Social Media #FAIL

Don’t Be the Next Social Media #FAIL

It’s easy isn’t it…setting up a Facebook Page, a Twitter account, a website, even interacting in the social media environment. Why can’t you or your new intern take care of it all without hiring an integrated marketing agency? There are many reasons why you can’t, but for starters, have you thought about the potential risks of diving into social media without the proper training on rules of engagement? All it takes is one faux pas to erode your brand and if you’re not careful, you could end up on the “social media failed” list which is why hiring the right agency can mean the difference between success and social outcast.

As you know, engaging in social media is a full-time job for countless professionals who specialize in this industry and it requires an investment in time, not to mention setting objectives, executing on strategy, designing rules of engagement, and establishing guidelines so that all members of your team speak with “one voice.” Just the thought of all of this seems daunting, right?

This is precisely why it’s best to partner with experts in the social media spheres who can help you establish and maintain your online presence, not to mention be a good brand steward as well. While it’s probably best for you to manage the day-to-day engagement, having an agency partner standing by will ensure compliance to the strategic direction, and should a crisis arise, they are there to bail you out. Plus, they can supplement your efforts when you need them.

With proper training and established guidelines in place, and an agency looking over your shoulder, your company will be on the road to success. Remember, it’s easy to get this wrong, but if you partner with the experts, they can help you get it right! At Starmark, we can help you work through all of this. Contact us today and let Starmark help you shine!