ETIP #38

E-newsletters are still a great way to captivate customers

E-newsletters are still a great way to captivate customers

In the new world of marketing technology email, is seen as an old staple, and companies seem to be using them less and less, but there is definitely an audience for e-newsletters that are relevant and engaging. Let me repeat that: relevant and engaging. Which means not exclusively to selling or trumpeting your company.

So, if you are looking for an affordable way to stay in contact with your customers, start collecting their email addresses at every point possible, such as at the counter, during customer service calls, on invoices.

If you are already sending out e-newsletters, keep them frequent and keep them fresh. Did you know that you can include rich media content and YouTube videos? You can also get even more mileage out of your e-newletters by re-purposing the content on your blog.

The frequency will be determined by how much content you have. A great way to do this is ‘staging’ your emails to start a thread of topics that pays off. Such as creating a teaser, followed by a weekly payoff, then close the loop with emails on best practice and contacting you for your product and or service. If you are a hotel with weekly promotions, send out a weekly e-newsletter. Then beef up the rest of the content with articles on topics such as vacation style, packing tips, your hotel’s menu, and even why you choose to stock rooms with luxe Aveda products.

By featuring stories that go beyond just what your hotel offers, you’ll insinuate yourself into your customers’ day-to-day lives. You’ll become part of their routine and they’ll look forward to seeing you in their inbox. Now, that’s good news.

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