ETIP #134

Facebook: A Day in the Like

Facebook: A Day in the Like
Facebook, the world’s largest social network and a multi-billion dollar public company, is continually innovating its product and testing the limits of social. Here is a snapshot of some considerations for using Facebook to engage with customers:
  • The influence of a Like on your post is relative – while it’s nice to see double and triple digit thumbs up on your status updates, social media formulas show that a Comment is worth 7x as much as a Like, and a Share possesses 13x the value of a Like.
  • Status updates may make a comeback in the future. Facebook is making images bigger to be more engaging, and images do get more interaction. However, status updates take up less room, and there is a growing appeal of the “lighter” news streams of platforms such as Twitter.
  • The Boost button: Use with care. The Boost button is a new word for a Promoted Post. Promoted Posts can increase the number of eyeballs on your content, but the increase in engagement tends to be low. A better option could be to geo-target your original post, so that you’re grabbing the attention of your closest customers and advocates.
Social media experts can help you keep up with the pace of change on Facebook and make sure you’re getting the most out of your engagement effort.