ETIP #92

Facebook Insights & Identifying Your Target Audience

Facebook Insights & Identifying Your Target Audience

As a brand, knowing your target audience is extremely important. On most websites, we’re interested in unique visitors, bounce rate, unique page views and time spent on the site. When considering our Facebook profile, we’re looking for something different.

Facebook Insights allows us to track our audience statistics, such as age, gender and country/city of residence. But, there’s so much more beyond that. Social media like Facebook is about interacting and engaging with your audience. With that in mind, we can also track total interaction and interactions per post. Using these numbers, we can decide which content works best, the audience we’re reaching and where we can improve.

Taking it a step further, we can track new likes and unlikes, page views, unique visitors and their frequency of visit — even how we reach people, whether organic, paid or viral.

With all of this information at a glance, we direct most of our attention to:

  • Demographics – Not only demographics of those who “Like” you, but those you Reach including those talking about you as well. They’ll rarely be the same.
  • “Like” growth trend – Allows you to identify reasons for spikes in growth.
  • Average number of “Likes” or comments – Allows you to determine what type of content generates the most engagement.
  • Referrers – Tells how visitors get to your profile.
  • Page Views – Helps in determining how often visitors come back, which can be influenced by day of the week or content.

With the wealth of information that Facebook Insights provides, you should be able to begin to identify not only your target audience, but also what type of content elicits interaction and engagement, which is what we really want to do. That engagement leads to relationships, which leads to loyal consumers and brand ambassadors.