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Facebook Launches Stories in App, but what does this mean for brands?

Facebook Launches Stories in App, but what does this mean for brands?

The social media giant Facebook recently rolled out with Facebook Stories, an in-app feature that allows people to share videos and photos that vanish after 24-hours. Of course we’re all familiar with this concept first introduced by Snapchat and subsequently Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp.

We know what you’re thinking…”What? Another place I have to post?!?”

To some, it might be content overload with yet another medium to engage with but just because it’s there, doesn’t mean it’s right for you and rest assured, everyone is not using all five Stories apps nor should you.

Facebook understands trends evolve along with the way we interact with smartphones. The purpose of Stories is to allow users to share personal content with the people that matter most. If you’re an avid Facebook user, then this shiny new feature could be a game-changer, but if the majority of your time is spent on Instagram or Snapchat, then this new rollout may not be suited for you.

Currently, Facebook Stories are not yet available for Business Pages but this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be ready for it.

This is foreshadowing the future. Social media is shifting its gears once again and we need to be prepared to adjust to the concept of content disappearing into digital dust after 24 hours.

Will you be ready?