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How iOS 8′s ‘Flat Design’ is changing the world!

How iOS 8′s ‘Flat Design’ is changing the world!

With the launch of iOS 8’s “flat design” for its user interface, Jony Ive’s design team finally threw to the curb the skeuomorphic designs of the past.

While skeuomorphic has its place when launching a new technology – it helps create a relationship between the known and the unknown – once that technology is entrenched it ends up hampering progress. Seven years after the iPhone launched was plenty of time for people to understand how to use their devices without the crutch of real world analogies.

Love it or hate it, the new flat design is a clean, fresh and more importantly perceived as a modern design.

That is why you are starting to see it permeate the real world in the redesign of many major brand marks recently.






So, when you are planning your next design project – branding, collateral, advertising – make sure to keep the design fresh and modern.