ETIP #31

Generate a following on Twitter

Generate a following on Twitter

Twitter is one of the fastest growing social media sites in the world. And that alone is enough motivation to sign up and start putting this free networking tool to work for you. Another reason is its ease of use. Twitter lets you create a running micro-blog of just 140 characters or less. The social element of Twitter allows you to “follow” other users and vice versa, monitoring one another’s updates and messages via IM, cell phones and the Web.

There are numerous articles about how best to utilize Twitter for marketing purposes. However, our best piece of advice is this: Don’t become a tweeting marketer. Be yourself. Be interesting. Write about something you feel passionately about – but know that you won’t build a following by shilling. If you import fine wines, write about your opinion of the Riesling comeback. If you’re a real estate developer, you might post on the topic of low interest rates and purchase incentives, for example.

Another way Twitter can boost your marketing efforts is it enables you to monitor how “influencers” think or feel. You can connect with current and potential customers and insinuate yourself into their lifestyles, which helps build brand loyalty. Twitter, of course, also helps build traffic when you place links to your website within your profile. Twitter is already the next big thing, which means you’re late. So get started now!

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