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Get personal with marketing automation

Get personal with marketing automation

If you’ve ever received a personalized followup based on an opt-in or commerce action you have taken, or have ever received emails with special offers persuading you to return and complete a purchase you had abandoned, chances are you’ve already seen marketing automation in action.

Marketing automation platforms allow you to manage all your marketing channels – including email, social media and digital advertising – and analyze all your marketing data under one roof.

And far from depersonalizing your sales efforts, marketing automation allows you to build campaigns that are highly-targeted for individual customers at scale, reacting in real-time to their behaviors, preferences and interests.

Marketing Automation platforms allow for:

  • Tracking of individual customer behavior across the entire sales cycle, including email and digital advertising response, social media activity, web visits and shopping cart history.
  • Creation of responsive campaigns and appeals based on customer behavior.
  • Insight into customer data, with benchmarking and automated alerts assisted by machine learning.
  • Automation of routine marketing tasks, creating space for strategic, productive activities

But you don’t necessarily need Amazon-like budgets to realize the benefits of marketing automation – services are available that provide automation to businesses of nearly every size.