ETIP #12

Increase web visits by buying your own branded keywords

Increase web visits by buying your own branded keywords

In paid search campaigns, buying your own branded keywords helps ensure your company will appear in search results the way you want them to, with your website as one of the lead results. On the other hand, by not buying your own branded keywords, your own website (let’s call it XYZ Cruise Line) could appear after a dozen different travel agencies that sell trips on your cruise line.

So, what’s the big deal? I had a client who insisted buying his own name and branded keywords was a waste of money, that his company had such a prominent identity, he didn’t need to pay for it. Well, we turned off the paid keywords, and his website visits declined almost immediately. The next day, he insisted we turn them back on.

Part of the reason is that consumers use the search engines to find your site. Instead of typing in, they will type YourSite into Google, and then click to you from the results. And someone who is that laser-focused on finding you is probably a better candidate for conversion than someone typing in a general search term.

Also, having your paid ads appear next to natural results will very often result in a lift in clicks on the natural side. Now, is there ever a benefit to buying your competitors’ branded keywords? Of course there is. Stay tuned…

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