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Is your Mobile SEO Strategy on Target?

Is your Mobile SEO Strategy on Target?

Casual Internet users may not realize that search on a mobile device returns different results than search on a desktop – and apparently neither do the world’s biggest companies. A recent study found that just 6 percent of Fortune 100 companies are compliant with Google’s impending mobile SEO requirements. What about yours?

Google understands that a mobile user is more likely to be immediately engaged with search results; it has its mobile algorithm interface with a device’s GPS functionality to return local search results first. Google is also changing its mobile algorithm to penalize sites that do not return a mobile website, or sites that return a mobile page other than the requested deep link.

With this knowledge, you can make sure that your mobile site doesn’t suffer from faulty redirects, as defined by Google. You can also turn to Google Analytics to find the mobile search keywords driving traffic to your website. This research is important because the keywords that bring people to your site through mobile search can differ greatly from those on a desktop search.

Although seemingly complex, mobile search optimization is not that different from any of your other SEO efforts. You just have to get the technical aspects right and make sure your site is user friendly.