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Why Should You Keep Your Customers Engaged In Between Campaigns?

Why Should You Keep Your Customers Engaged In Between Campaigns?


If you’re an advertising professional, then you understand the key components of sound marketing strategy: how to build and launch a campaign, install metrics, conduct postmortem analysis; in hopes of increasing awareness, consideration and conversion; and ultimately, reaching that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow – brand loyalty. But have you considered what to do during the critical time period “in between” campaigns to keep your brand alive?

Unfortunately, after a campaign ends, so does the attention span of your customers during the fragile time period between the last big idea and the next. Without constant vigilance, emphasis on “constant,” you risk losing your customers who have undoubtedly moved on when they haven’t heard a peep from you.

How will you know what they are thinking and more importantly, what they are saying? What if you could ask your customers what they would like to see more of, or perhaps less of?

What are bloggers writing about your brand and sharing within the blogosphere? Are they even doing it at all? How do you plan to recruit your biggest fans? These can be your most valuable players but how do you bring them onboard and have them tooting your horn with all of their friends and fans?

Moving on, now that you have the next big idea in development, how do you plan to plant the seed, generate early interest, and build anticipation? What can you do to keep your brand top of mind?

These questions are an integral part of the planning process and important considerations during the development of any marketing campaign. It’s time for a paradigm shift to think outside the “marketing plan” box and to the “in between” plan as well. How you keep the momentum alive during and in between these campaigns is critical – a constant flow – and unless you do something about it, you risk losing your share of voice. How do you get started? We have a few suggestions that may help keep you on track so give us a call today and we’ll have you humming along in no time during those periods of “in between.”