ETIP #197

Leverage the Power of Sponsored Social and Marketing

Leverage the Power of Sponsored Social and Marketing

Everyone knows the power of a celebrity and how celebrity sponsorships work. Sponsored social media is no different. A few eTips ago, we discussed leveraging the power of Vine Celebrities but now we take a closer look at “sponsored social” marketing.

What’s different in the world of social is that not everyone is a “celebrity” but everyone has friends, followers and families and each of those has the same.  The potential is exponential!

The key to success is that the individual you hire for delivering your social message should be an influential representative of your target audience defined by age, gender, likes and/or interests. And it doesn’t have to stop there. Zero in on their location and/or specific social network as well.

There are several sites out there that can help you identify ordinary people who may happen to be a perfect fit for your marketing campaign. Oftentimes since these are not real “celebrities,” doing a sponsored social program with them can be cost effective.

In fact, I would argue to say that anyone that shares a positive message about your product or brand is worthy of sponsorship, and the incentive can come from a simple chance to win a prize, attend a special dinner event, or even a more elaborate multi-day getaway. If it’s fun, people will be your voice in the realm of social media.