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Localization: The Next Content-Marketing Trend

Localization: The Next Content-Marketing Trend

A recent study by Forrester suggests that the best way to increase engagement is to communicate with prospects in their own language, to present relevant content in a natural way to your international visitors. According to KPCB’s Internet Trends, 6 out of 10 global sites are based in United States however 86% of their traffic originates internationally. With that said, hyper localized content is already on its way to becoming the next trend in content marketing because of this inherent quality to deliver relevant content in a meaningful way.

And, localization strategy extends beyond your website as well. What is it about content that makes it more social than others? We all know that emotion and positivity play active roles in the information we share–a headline can make or break the story. With localized content, the same results can be achieved. According to a recent study in which access to geo-targeted content was limited by location, National Public Radio (NPR), reported that localized content had 6 times more Facebook shares than non-localized content.

While localized content strategy seems like a no-brainer, there are obstacles to overcome as well:


  • Tripled engagement with targeted messaging
  • Increased reach through shared engagement
  • Increased local search-engine optimization


  • Technology–the inability to present local relevant content due to geo-targeting barriers
  • Inaccurate Translations
  • Additional resources

While localizing content will require time and effort, it’s undoubtedly worth your investment in the resources to maximize your content’s potential! Need localization for your next site? Starmark can help.