Market to search engines with an XML sitemap

Market to search engines with an XML sitemap

Invite Google and Yahoo! to get better acquainted with your website or blog through an XML sitemap. Also called a “search engine sitemap,” an XML sitemap is a document that lists all the different pages on your website that you want the search engines to crawl, and which most major search engines can read and look for to correctly index your website, including URLs that may not be discoverable by their normal crawling process.

These XML sitemaps are created specifically for search engines, and should not be  confused with HTML sitemaps that the first generation of websites used and are no longer considered good site design.

With this SEO-friendly tool, you have the ability to create a hierarchy of content and exclude low priority pages. It lets the search engines know when you’ve got fresh content (which they love) by allowing you to specify date changes of content modification. Basically, submitting an XML sitemap of URLs to Yahoo! or Google is like candy to them – up to 50,000 pieces of  “URL candy.” It’s the ultimate sugar rush.

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If your website is fewer than 500 pages, you can generate a free XML sitemap now at in four easy steps. For larger websites, you can also purchase a sitemap generator, for a nominal fee.

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