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What’s better than last-click attribution?

What’s better than last-click attribution?

We Are Now Able to Understand and Re-Attribute PPC to Other Channels

Historically, marketers have leveraged last-click attribution as the go-to measurement tool for media attribution per sale or event, but looking closer at attribution modeling, we are now able to understand and re-attribute PPC to other channels including display, search, social media, email, direct mail–among others to quantify the contribution these efforts are making to the bottom line.

Furthermore, we can now understand which ad sites, banners or any other campaign components are driving sales and which aren’t allowing marketers to recalibrate efforts and budgets from impressions and clicks that are unlikely to drive sales, to display and search efforts that are more likely to result in sales.

Through Sophisticated Data Modeling Techniques, such as Machine Learning, Marketers can Evaluate all the Campaign Data

Media attribution modeling is THE new go-to for a very efficient and effective way to quantify the contribution to sales from display, search, social media as well as traditional direct response channels. Through sophisticated data modeling techniques such as machine learning, marketers can evaluate all the campaign data inputs and measure the weighted contribution of each tactic to a sale. Because of the daunting prospect this represents to marketers, many companies are not taking advantage of this powerful tool.

If your business is stuck in the 20th century with Last-Click Attribution, it’s time for a shift to media attribution modeling; one step closer as we continue to strive for efficiency in driving revenue and optimizing ROI.