ETIP #68

Mobile Advertisting Effectiveness

Mobile Advertisting Effectiveness
With mobile ad spending on the rise, largely due to the increasing smartphone and tablet usage, so to is the effectiveness of mobile ads which are now beginning to outperform their online display counterparts. Because mobile advertising is relatively new and sometimes an intimidating prospect, it’s most effective when used as a component of an integrated campaign. We’ve provided a few tips to help you develop your plan.
  • Use mobile to increase brand awareness: spreading your message across multiple touch points increases awareness
  • Keep message focused with strong call-to-action: one of the best ways to ensure that users engage with your ad is to offer them something valuable in return.
  • Consider rich media: it’s interactive nature fits better within today’s visual games, apps and mobile web content.
  • Remember to consider load times: if the load time is greater than five seconds, you risk the user hitting the “skip” button
  • Develop a mobile site your audience will enjoy: user experience plays an important role in how receptive they will be to your brand
Mobile marketing has arrived and has opened the door to infinite possibilities.