ETIP #235

Get more ‘Personal’ with PURLs (Personalized URLs)

Get more ‘Personal’ with PURLs (Personalized URLs)

Today marketers have more big data at their fingertips than ever before revealing key insights about their customers and prospects. With all of this data at their disposal, marketers can leverage it to create more relevant and therefore more effective messages–proven to boost response rates. Relevancy is one reason that retargeting works so well.

When it comes to direct response marketing, one incredibly effective technique is to utilize “personalized URL’s” or PURLs in the call to action. Not only does it make the call to action more personalized, when prospects or customers type the PURL into their browser, a personalized page can be presented to them. And by “personalized” we don’t just mean greeting someone by their first name! The personalized landing page is custom built and “knows” who that person is.

Consumer campaign PURLs can be even more relevant by including order tracking information, recent or upcoming activity or reminders, and images that they may be more likely to respond to.

And, it doesn’t end with consumers. The strategy applies to B2B prospects as well with relevancy customized to industry, company size, contract expiration dates, competitive data, products, pre-populating the “Request More Info” button and more. Because we know who they are, alerts can automatically be sent to the sales team member even if they don’t hit submit on the form.

Finally, with all this data, think of the reporting and optimization of the direct response programs! So for your next campaign, be more relevant by being more personalized and watch the response rates soar!