ETIP #91

Optimizing your Inbound Links

Optimizing your Inbound Links

The value proposition of inbound linking has changed over time so that it is as much about who links to you as it is about how many links you have. Look to build links from authorities in your space to build relevancy in your inbound links. Avoid “spammy” looking links as much as possible. While you can’t control who links to your site, you can control whom you target to gain new links.

Ideally your inbound link would have the key word or phrase you want the target page to rank as its anchor text. This provides a very strong signal to the search engines as to what your page is about. Don’t go overboard on exact match anchor text as your inbound linking should look natural and not like it has been orchestrated. Other words and phrases related to your target phrase also provide valuable signals as well, but avoid link text like “click here” .

Look for diversity in domains linking to you as well. You gain more value from links from different domains than you do from multiple links from the same domain. Multiple links from the same page to the same page on your site don’t add value either. Research has shown that the first link on the page is the one that counts and provides the signals to the search engines on relevancy.

Link value is cumulative and requires an ongoing effort. Set up a long-term plan to continue adding relevant links or seek out a qualified specialist to handle link building for you. If you need help with that plan, give us a call and we’d be happy to help you out!