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Pinterest Analytics Tools: What’s YOUR ‘Pinfluence’?

Pinterest Analytics Tools: What’s YOUR ‘Pinfluence’?

So, you’ve launched your business’s Pinterest page. You’ve set up your boards, followed like-minded pinners, liked and repinned relevant pins… and are pin, pin, pinning away!

Now what?

Like many innovative companies new to the Pinterest game, you face the daunting task of tracking a social network that doesn’t offer a built-in analytics tool. With Pinterest API no longer available, Pinterest offers little in the way of analytics outside of follower count and a “recent activity” section that lumps ALL actions together.

Lost amidst a pinboard full of pins? Here are some of the top tools to help track Pinterest analytics:

  • Pinpuff – Similar to PinReach, this tool calculates users’ overall “Pinfluence,” as well as reach, activity, and virality rates – along with tips on how to improve each. In addition, Pinpuff provides a section that lists each individual board’s followers, pins, repins and likes. Eventually, Pinpuff’s algorithm will assign monetary value for pins and traffic generated.
  • Pinalyzer – Unlike the competition, you can utilize Pinalyzer without signing in. Simply type in your Pinterest name for access to Smart Suggest and Pin Quiz, features that suggest pins for you to repin, and followers to follow, respectively. Sign in with Facebook for your official score and access to analytics charts.
  • Pinerly – Still in beta, this Pinterest analytics tool requires Pinterest users sign up via e-mail. Once invited to join, the Pinerly dashboard shows metrics like clickthrus, likes and re-pins for your “campaigns.” A campaign is simply a pin created and pinned via Pinerly. However, only pins generated through Pinerly can be tracked.
  • Pintics – Hailing itself as the Pinterest Tweetdeck, this tool, also in beta, requires users to sign up for an invitation. Pintics allows users to manage and analyze multiple accounts, upload multiple photos, and measure activity and related traffic and sales.

These Pinterest Analtyics Tools will have you well on your way to pinning for success!