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Your PR Department is Your New SEO Team

Your PR Department is Your New SEO Team

We all know that Public Relations traditionally centers around strong personal relationships with editors, the ability to astutely pitch time-sensitive and trendy story ideas and orchestrate newsworthy events. What you may not know is the amount of writing that is involved in Public Relations — from press releases and media alerts to website copy and online articles. If that writing is not optimized for search engines, there’s a huge hole in your marketing strategy.

Just as a PR professional crafts and packages a story to be attractive to editors and producers, it is the responsibility of your SEO team to make all online content relating to your company attractive to both the searchers and the robots at each and every search engine. How is this accomplished? One way is through the consistent use of intelligent key words that differentiate your company from everyone else in your industry.

Also similar to Public Relations, the creation of a proper program foundation is crucial and can be time consuming. There may not be instant response as it takes time to successfully build relationships with reporters, editors and producers as well as with search engines. But when the hits do start to roll in, the leads are stronger and quantifiable through the use of actionable analytics with clearly defined outcomes.

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