ETIP #153

Press releases with optimized anchor text: No longer optimal

Press releases with optimized anchor text:  No longer optimal

Google’s war on links intended to manipulate site rankings has now spread to paid press release distribution. In the company’s updated guidelines, Google describes unnatural links as “ … links with optimized anchor text in articles or press releases distributed on other sites.” Since Google considers these links to be paid links, their use could expose you to penalties including a huge drop in ranking or complete removal of your site from Google’s index.

So, what can you do to still maximize the value of your press release?

  • Develop high quality press release content to improve your chances of having it picked up by news outlets
  • Include a compelling photo with your press release that is easily shared
  • Use navigational links instead of optimized anchor text (i.e., click here)
  • Write a tweet at the bottom of your press release and use a service like clicktotweet to provide one-click sharing of your news

If you want to make sure your press releases possess a media-friendly message, and integrate Google’s latest guidelines, contact the public relations pros at Starmark.