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Programmatic revolutionizes the digital ad industry

Programmatic revolutionizes the digital ad industry

The digital ad industry has shifted towards automation so quickly that roughly $22 billion will be spent in programmatic in 2016; a +40% increase over 2015! Even though these statistics are nothing short of miraculous, the reality is that not everyone knows what “programmatic” means.

In a nutshell, programmatic automates the decision-making process of ad placement. Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), data points, complex algorithms and real-time bidding (RTB); programmatic allows marketers to zero in on target(s) regardless of “website location,” and with a sprinkle of good ol’ fashioned advertiser’s intuition, hit the right audience at the right time to drive higher quality leads and conversions.

Automation can propel your manual campaign-optimization strategies to the next level. Once you input your targets’ info and key performance indicators (KPIs), the campaign optimizes itself using predictive analysis and evolves based on its learnings.

So, what do we know? Programmatic is not the future, but a present force within media buying. It saves time for both publishers and advertisers which translates into savings. Finally, it’s a quality product that we can stand behind because it puts our clients’ ads in front of appropriate audiences resulting in highly optimized campaigns that continue to self improve.