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Ready for the Mobile Re-Index?

Ready for the Mobile Re-Index?

If you’ve been following the SEO news, you may have heard rumblings of Google’s next Mobilegeddon–the famous 2015 algorithm update that gave mobile-friendly sites higher priority in search rankings.

In the end, some of the concern over major disruptions to page rank in 2015 might have been a bit overstated – but according to some analysts, non-mobile-friendly sites did see a 21% drop in organic search rankings on the top three Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Another mobile re-index is coming soon. Google has clearly stated their commitment to continuing and improving their mobile-first search rankings, with a major update scheduled for 2018 and reports of mobile-first tests “in the wild” already.

What does this mean for your business? If your site is serving different pages or content to desktop versus mobile users, then the coming re-index could hit you the hardest, negatively impacting your organic search results.

The way forward is with mobile-responsive design – that is, identical content served to all your users, but dynamically formatted and optimized for desktop and mobile.

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