ETIP #192

Can you see the future through a Periscope?

Can you see the future through a Periscope?

Periscope is a new app launched by Twitter that lets you broadcast live video streaming from your phone and because of its integration with Twitter, you have an instant community of followers to share your live streams with.

As a marketer, what can you live stream? A great place to start is with special events or trade shows; on location and delivering exclusive content for all of your followers. Perhaps you’re interviewing the CEO of a company or other key officers and you want share segments? How about a sneak peek at new products or services or even better, a behind-the-scenes tour. And you can pin your location to a map so nearby users can see it too. In the end, it’s what appeals to your audience that is going to drive your Periscope interaction.

While you’re broadcasting, you can see your followers’ comments and / or questions. Welcome them respond in your own voice since they can hear you. Viewers can also “heart” your stream when they see things they like so the more hearts you generate, the greater the engagement.

After your broadcast concludes, Twitter can automatically tweet the stream to your followers who will have two weeks to view and replay. Be sure to use #hashtags when posting. At the end of your campaign, Periscope will provide a nice recap showing how many live viewers you had, how many hearts you received, and who sent the most hearts. It’s love at first sight.

What are you waiting for? Why not connect with your followers in a whole new way today with Periscope. A picture is worth 1,000 words, a moving picture will transport your audience.