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Isn’t it Time you got Smart with “Smart Lists” from Google Analytics?

Isn’t it Time you got Smart with “Smart Lists” from Google Analytics?

It seems that the already-infinite number of possibilities to create re-marketing lists with Google Analytics grows exponentially by the day so it goes without saying that most of us feel a little overwhelmed by the prospect of managing our lists more than growing our business. With the introduction of Google Analytics’ “Smart Lists,” life has gotten a little easier and more convenient with the tool that automates list management so we all can get back to those big ideas.

How can Google Analytics know what’s best for my business or my client’s business?

The formula Google employs integrates “machine learning” based on the millions and millions of websites that have offered up their Google Analytics activity, anonymously of course, including duration visits, number of pages visited, conversation data, referring URLS as well as exiting URLs–among others. By applying these learnings, Google then optimizes your retargeting lists based on learned metrics to predict which of your subscriptions are most likely to return and convert.

If you’re already using Google’s eCommerce Tracking, and you have enough conversion history on your site, your lists will be automatically updated. And for all those of you who are new to re-marketing, this tool will prove to be invaluable in no time. For those of you who are seasoned veterans, Google plans to integrate the formulaic signal mentioned above into your Ad Words bidding.

The future looks bright!