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SnapChat Ads, Geofilters and Millennials

SnapChat Ads, Geofilters and Millennials

Snapchat may have finally found an advertising model that its core millennial users will actually like — custom geofilters with opportunities for companies to brand and sponsor.

Geofilters allow users to add a location-specific filter to photos or videos they post to the network. These filters have become a popular way to tell friends where a photo was taken, and now more than 1 million snapchats a day are decorated with a geofilter.

Since December, users have been able to propose new geofilters however to date, the company stated only one-third of the submissions have been approved for use and distribution. Brands benefit tremendously because they can bypass the regular user-approval process and add geofilters to thousands of locations simultaneously – a huge win for retailers with multiple locations.

While sponsored geofilters will be marked with a small “Sponsored” imprint, they will function exactly as existing filters do. So if your brand is trying to appeal to millennials, Snapchat geofilters may be an effective tool to make a lasting impression for your brand in a new and upcoming channel.