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Snapchat Spectacles – for fun and business

Snapchat Spectacles – for fun and business

New “Snapchat Spectacles” are more than amazingly stylish and fun. In fact they offer some unique ways for businesses to show their products.

Among the first to use their fun spirit in a business approach has been Hyatt who started their “Seeing through the Eyes of Others” campaign. Hyatt employees at multiple locations throughout the world were given Spectacles and each contributed a series of 10-second snaps from their destination, creating an interesting, fast-paced experience any viewer would enjoy.

Spectacles has learned the lesson of making sure people know you are videoing them by creating a flashing LED light that appears when the recording button on the glasses is pressed.

What’s interesting for business users is that even though the glasses record only 10 seconds at a time, you can produce 30 second streams by pressing record immediately after the first 10 seconds and then again after the second 10 seconds.

How can your business leverage Spectacles?

  • Testimonial interviews
  • Live streaming of events
  • Behind the scenes videos
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Product Applications
  • Trade Shows

All it really takes is a little imagination and the Snapchat Spectacles become a business tool for almost daily use.

Setup is a “snap” and the videos move wirelessly into your Snapchat app where you can get even more exposure for your content. Also, download them and use them outside of the app, say on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Not just a toy of a fashion statement, as Spectacles catch on expect to see more of these quick videos in business.