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Snapchat’s new ad manager simplifies advertising for small businesses

Snapchat’s new ad manager simplifies advertising for small businesses

As consumers continue to spend more time consuming digital media, advertisers should consider increasing their budget into digital channels especially now that Snapchat has launched its Snapchat Ad Manager, a new tool that allows advertisers of all sizes to purchase their own ads, setup campaigns with targeting, and monitor analytics on desktop or via a mobile dashboard for tracking campaign performance in a snap! Plus, companies can set up access levels for different team members.

Before the introduction of Snapchat Ad Manager, ads could only be purchased directly through the Snapchat sales team or through third-party ad tools built on the Ads API for a fee, making it difficult for small businesses with limited budgets to participate. Not anymore!

So what does this mean for your business? Snapchat is still largely popular with millennials most of whom are notoriously difficult to reach. The implementation of Ad Manger makes it easier to target this younger demographic. In addition, Snapchat Ads will stay true to its unique vertical video layout, allowing marketers the opportunity to get creative with full-screen vertical video especially now with the advent of Spectacles.

Without a doubt, the new self–serve Ad Manager is a powerful tool for small businesses not only because it simplifies the purchase of ads within Snapchat but it’s a huge upgrade for advertisers that engage in the platform!