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Social Media Branding: Creativity & Integration

Social Media Branding: Creativity & Integration

A well-designed logo, compelling mission statement, and a personality to match can play a big role in how you are perceived in the social media spheres; and ultimately launch your organization into the global arena. With the introduction of new social media channels practically everyday, it’s important to create a compelling first impression with your fans, followers, circles, etc., and then incite them to engage with you. Equally important is weaving together your brand across all social media platforms so there is a consistent message regardless of where your customers engage with you.

When it comes to leveraging every square inch of real estate of their social media profiles, some organizations stand above the rest in effective and creative communication of their brands. Have you looked at your organization’s profiles lately? Are you taking full advantage of that valuable space? Is there a common thread, a consistent look and feel across your social media channels? With so many options, you too can build creative and clever presentations and in the end, you’ll attract attention, earn trust and build an audience of allies!

So, who’s doing it right? Let’s take a look at how some of today’s top brands are communicating their message.

Facebook features your avatar and cover image and offer endless possibilities to present your brand and to engage with your fans.

Twitter gets a little tricky because you have three creative assets to blend together harmoniously. Look how “Beggin Strips” integrates their avatar, header image and background into one brilliantly blended presentation. Wolfgang Puck takes a similar approach with his header and avatar.

Like Facebook, you have only the avatar and cover photo to work with but a little creativity and you can integrate them in the same way brands are doing with Twitter. Look at how FanWise aligns the owl avatar with the rest of his friends.

Here are some considerations when developing your social media branding strategy:

  • What story do you have to tell? Are you supporting that story visually across all your social media channels?
  • Have you taken the time to make sure your entire social footprint is visually exciting and consistent?
  • Consistency and creativity are the keys to the successful integration and communication of your brand across the social media marketplace. Let the Starmark interactive team show you how!