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Is SoLoMo part of your integrated marketing strategy?

Is SoLoMo part of your integrated marketing strategy?

Our reliance on mobile devices continues to grow at a fast-paced trajectory because of the convenience, simplicity and connectivity they provide. Innovative apps, advanced social media and more powerful mobile devices are set to transform every aspect of our daily lives – how we shop, how merchants sell and how advertisers reach their target audience. So let us familiarize you with SoLoMo.

What is it?

It’s an acronym for Social-Local-Mobile—a powerful, integrated marketing platform that turns leads into conversions.

  • Social: As consumers, we seek advice from third-party resources including friends, review sites and complete strangers who may have had experience with the product under consideration.
  • Local: With the advent of geofencing, we now have triggers we can program to fire away with offers, directions and advice, when prospects are in the area.
  • Mobile: Aren’t we all shopping online via our mobile devices? Engaging with our friends and family to seek advice on products?

Why does it matter?

Some staggering statistics conducted by Adobe in 2013 and Nielsen in 2012:

  • 71% access social networks
  • 70% search for local product offerings, maps, special events, etc.
  • 33% checked into various locations and of those, another 33% received a special offer for checking in
  • 78% mobile shoppers relied on phones to find a store
  • 63% reviewed prices and special offers
  • 22% commented on a purchase

If businesses want to capitalize on SoLoMo, they must be prepared to accommodate mobile users on all levels and in all channels! We have to be ready 24/7 so somebody’s home when they come calling!