ETIP #254

Make sure your style guide is on-trend

Make sure your style guide is on-trend

In the rush to experiment with new media, technologies and platforms, businesses often neglect to think about how all of this affects the pillars of style that guide their core brands. Is your style guide keeping up with the latest trends?

In the great social media rush of the mid-aughts, newly-minted social-media community managers were caught on their heels because they didn’t have style guides that worked for a new medium. After that the same thing happened when the mobile revolution occurred.

Did you have to update anything about your brandmark to work within the confines of a 240 pixel avatar image? What about adapting your voice for character limits and a more conversational setting?

With the meteoric rise of voice assistants in daily life and the emergence of character-driven, story-rich experiences in AR, new branding opportunities are ready for exploration. How might your customer journey change its course to interact via voice? How will your digital presence extend in three dimensions via AR wearables?

Now is the time to remember your branding basics as you prepare to sail unchartered waters, for new frontiers, to boldly go where no brand has gone before.