Target Your Ads Toward Households On Facebook

Target Your Ads Toward Households On Facebook

Reducing ad-spend waste and targeting advertising dollars to the purchasing decision-makers in a household is no longer beyond the reach of marketers. Introducing Household Audiences–Facebook’s newest value-driven ad tool that helps your business deliver relevant content to not only prospective buyers but members of their households as well.

Research shows that a majority of purchases are only made after they are agreed upon by the decision makers in the household. With Facebook’s Household Audiences, brands now wield the power to target these individuals directly, plus extend their reach to other household members who may be the primary users of those products. Parents who purchase tuition for their children are a prime example of how advertisers can serve ads to people across the purchasing funnel, from influencer to the final purchaser.

While the household audiences tool helps market products to only members of the household who are likely to purchase them, it also reduces your overall ad spend by eliminating ads from those who have previously purchased your product. As marketers we need to continuously grow smarter and more strategic with the way we are reaching and connecting with our desired audience. Thanks to Facebook, household audiences brings us one step closer!