Track ROI across all channels (online and offline)

Track ROI across all channels (online and offline)

Nowadays, marketing budgets are hitting a plateau, if not careening downhill. Everyone has to closely watch where their money goes – and hope it comes back bringing customers. When it comes to any type of marketing, it’s important to track ROI (Return on Investment). And with what is happening to budgets, it’s even more important to track all campaigns across both online and offline channels in order to know which tactics are working and which are not. Then, ramp up the good efforts and shut off the bad ones.

Juggling online figures like conversion rates and CPC or CPM costs becomes even more complicated when simultaneously running multiple campaigns across multiple channels. Add in the offline channels, and it becomes even more difficult.

But it is very important in today’s economy.

Cross-channel tracking should definitely be in your toolbox. You’ll be using it regularly to analyze all your advertising channels, including (but definitely not limited to) print ads, television, radio, paid search (SEM), natural search (SEO), email, banner ads, billboards, promotional items and trade shows. Starmark uses our proprietary QuickwebPro® software for our clients. However, you may opt to use a basic Excel spreadsheet. Whatever tracking program you use, knowing where and how well your money is working, will always work in your favor.